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Scientists, educators and government experts agree that there is a general lack of public understanding of science. Too few Americans have functional literacy in math, science, technology and engineering.  To compete globally we must get our students interested in these subjects, the boys as well as the girls. Having tools that will explain the mysteries of math and science in ways that are exciting and easy to understand will help us bridge this glaring gap. 

Our school district offers throughout the year after school online professional development sessions. The PD sessions are led by teachers who shared what they learned in previous education-technology camps to help peers learn how to keep students engaged online and manage the stress of remote schooling and other technology training.

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“Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent.”
Arthur Conan Doyle, A Case of Identity

Cleveland Middle School uses job-embedded professional development whenever possible. This type of professional development is research based and meets the needs of the teachers on a more time-appropriate basis. Tech Mastery Mondays, SLTs, and frequent meetings with Teacher Leaders during planning time are examples of this. 

Teachers will do a study of the book Learning First, Technology Second during Tech Mastery Mondays. This professional development opportunity will help ensure that teachers understand the best-practices, theory, and practical application of properly integrating technology into the classroom. 

Cleveland Middle School has a school-wide focus on Lucy Caulkins Writer's Workshop. There was a whole-school training at the beginning of the year, and it is an ongoing discussion in SLT meetings. Additionally, there will be a refresher course in the Spring. 
We know that relationships between students and teachers lead to better learning in the classroom. To that end, Cleveland Middle School has put considerable resources into the Capturing Kids' Hearts program. All teachers participated in a refresher course to start o the year, and Process Champions will be conducting trainings throughout the year during grade-level meetings. Cleveland Middle School is striving to become a National Showcase School for Capturing Kids' Hearts. 

Bi-Monthly (twice a month) SLT meetings are held school-wide between teacher leaders in ELA and Math to look over student data and improve teaching and learning by critically reflecting on our practice. Additionally, SLT meetings happen monthly among our science, social studies, and related arts areas. Similarly to Math and ELA, teachers analyze data, create common assessments, create common pacing guides, and strive to improve their practice. These meetings are led by the content leader for the building. 



List all the professional development opportunities and explain how the learning aligns with the STEM initiatives described in the school’s STEM  Action Plan. 

Attribute 3.2 DESIGNING PBLs 
Please link sign in sheet or other artifacts here. 

Describe how the PBL learning activities designed by your faculty embeds state standards and 21st Century Skills, integrates content areas, and is  designed to best meet the needs of your student population. Attach an exemplar STEM curricular module within in the appendices. (350 words  max) 
Provide a narrative, and link one-three artifacts exhibiting how the PBL learning activities embed state standards, 21st century skills, and is  personalized to meet the needs of your school and community here. 

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