Cleveland Middle School will participate in a district multi-cultural night in winter 2020 as well as a program called "Coffee and Conversation" that will begin in September. These events will strengthen school, community, and family partnerships by celebrating the diversity of our student population and opening multiple lines of communication.


Additionally, bilingual families will have the opportunity to opt-in to text message school announcements in Spanish via the Remind app.  Other apps that have proven helpful in communication with our E.S.L. population is TalkingPoints and Google Translate.  Our English Language Learning program offered through the Tennessee Electronic Library [TEL], called Transparent Language, which expands our language offerings of over 105 different language courses, including English.  With its instructor portal, teachers are able to customize the material around an existing curriculum.

Family and Community Engagement

Our ESL department at Cleveland Middle School has planned to continue hosting Family Culture Awareness Events throughout the year. These events will bring ELL students and their families together into a safe and welcoming environment. This will promote a sense of belonging and acceptance. 

Finally, Cleveland Middle School offers 2 open houses each semester after school where parents are encouraged to come in and talk with. meet with, and get to know teachers. Additionally, our teachers are happy to setup parent conferences as needed to ensure that the needs of the student are being addressed. 


Project Based Learning (PBL) is a constructivist instructional approach where students are engaged in meaningful inquiry of personal interest to them and where collaboration and personalized learning are emphasized. Research confirms that PBL is an effective and enjoyable way to learn and develop deeper learning competencies required for success in college, career and civic life.


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